The Incredible Years Child Group Leader (Small Group Dinosaur) Workshop 2018


Workshop (Group 1) : 4June2018 (Mon) – 6June2018 (Wed) [3 days]
Workshop (Group 2) : 7June2018 (Thu) – 9June2018 (Sat) [3 days]
Venue : Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Building (Quarry Bay MTR Exit C)

About The Incredible Years
The Incredible Years® is a series of interlocking, evidence-based programs for parents, children, and teachers, supported by over 30 years of research. The goal is to prevent and treat young children’s behavior problems and promote their social, emotional, and academic competence. The programs are used worldwide in schools and mental health centers, and have been shown to work across cultures and socioeconomic groups.

About this Small Group Dinosaur Group Leader Workshop
This 3-day workshop will present in depth the Dina Dinosaur Child Social Skills, Emotional Regulation & Problem Solving Training for Children designed by Dr. Webster-Stratton to treat children aged 4-8 who have conduct problems, ADHD, and internalizing problems. The program focuses on ways to promote children’s emotional literacy, anger management, appropriate conflict management strategies, expected classroom behaviors, and positive social skills or friendship behaviors with other children and adults.

This intervention program is appropriate for use by therapists either in mental health centers or as “pull out” programs in schools. It has been shown to be effective in four randomized control group studies with families of children with Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Conduct Disorder.

Please see the flyer for more information about the Workshop and the Small Group Dinosaur Child Social Skills Program.

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